Mini pistolet à massage - iNeck™️ Fascia iNeck™️ Technologie
Mini pistolet à massage - iNeck™️ Fascia iNeck™️ Technologie
Mini pistolet à massage - iNeck™️ Fascia iNeck™️ Technologie
Mini pistolet à massage - iNeck™️ Fascia iNeck™️ Technologie

Mini Massage Gun-iNeck™️ Fascia

iNeck™️ Technologie
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Mini Massage Gun-iNeck™️ Fascia Gun

Mini massage gun-iNeck™️ Fascia-Mini but powerful for pain relief

Your sports training sessions are long or even boring and you don't know what exercise to do.

No panic, our mini iNeck massage pistol™️ Fascia is excately what you need forBe more agile, flexible in your bodyAndGet better sleep.

Relive your curvatures and optimize your muscle recovery in any place with the iNeck™️ Fascia Gun

Mini but powerful for pain relief

INeck™️ Fascia massage pistol with the unique technology and motor with a high torque with high torque 24V, is small and light like the iPhone but can effectively relieve muscle stiffness and pain and relax tight tissue after work or exercise. You can also easily transport it and relieve your discomfort at any time, anywhere.

4 Confortable Massage Heads

This muscular massage pistol with four different heads, can massage the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, soles of the feet, mollets, thighs to avoid joint pain, back pain, stiffness shoulders. In addition, the spherical head in high quality ecological EVA materials has a soft surface, which adapts to the skin and has a better use effect.

4 Speed levels

The gun massage scientifically divides 4 level of speed to help users choose the appropriate force according to the human body pressure detection test. Despite four levels, this muscular massage device delivers 1700 to 3800 rpm, which can relax muscle tension and stiffness to relieve symptoms of fatigue.

Equipment Excellent

The massage gun works about two weeks (30 minutes per day) after 2.5 hours charge with the high quality lithium battery. Only one button is installed at the bottom of the massage device to avoid accidental contact and easily control without too many complicated operations. In addition, we will always provide you with complete and professional services, such as your personal assistant.

Good Gift of Cadeau

The professional iNeck™️ Fascia mini-massage gun is solid, durable with all-aerospace aluminum hulls and has a chic look. The deep-muscle electric masseur, not only relieves pain after exercise, but also in everyday life allers the lumbar and cervical pain for you.

INeck™️ Fascia, Pistolet muscular massage is ideal for massage, whether for athletes, elderly people or employees suffering from pain after sitting long. Like most massage guns, it is easy to use, effective in relieving muscle pain and speeding up muscle recovery. But that is more than that. It has energy savings and is easy to transport at work or on a trip.

This iNeck™️ Fascia massage accessory is just practical and meets your needs.

Your pocket masseur

With scientific design, it is light and compact. Take it with you, No need to go to a therapist, to book an expensive massage appointment. Enjoy a professional massage at any time and anywhere!

Use a single button to transform complexity into simplicity

The machine is equipped with a button on the bottom of the handle to avoid accidental contact and control all operations. You can use it quickly in a short time.

A powerful engine without a broom

With its new technology to reduce the noise of the engine without brooms, the working noise is only 45 db. Let yourself enjoy your time of massage in a mild and comfortable environment.

High quality material

The Yaber massage pistol is delivered with an aviation aluminum hull imported from Germany. He greatly promotes the strength of the massage head.


A good gift choice

Do you often worry about gifts for the birthday or the party of other people? It is difficult to choose a gift that is both beautiful and practical?

The fascia massage gun, which has become more popular in recent years, is the best choice for gifts!

Even if you don't have time to go home to accompany your parents or seniors because of the work, you can leave the fascia gun to make your filial piety and become the most intimate partner of your parents and seniors to protect their health.

It's a good choice whether to use it yourself or give others as a gift

Thanks to a deep and powerful vibration, the tight tissue is relaxed, local circulation is accelerated, and lactic acid produced after exercise is rapidly decomposed, which considerably shortens the time of muscle recovery.

Spherical head

For large muscle groups such as arm, hips, leg, etc.

Recommended duration: [1 min ~ 1.5 min]

U-shaped head

For the neck, the spine and the achilla.

Recommended duration: [30s ~ 1 min]

Head Plate

For relaxation and the shaping of various muscle parts.

Recommended duration: [1 min ~ 1.5 min]

Ball-shaped head

For deep tissues and trigger points, such as acupuncture point meridian and sole.

Recommended duration: [30s ~ 1 min]


" Whether you are an athlete, an office worker or an elderly person at home, the fascia gun can provide you with a professional and comfortable massage experience. It's a good choice whether to use it yourself or give others as a gift."

Interface type:Type-c

Main material:Aerospace quality aluminum alloys

Battery Capacity:2400 mAh, 8-hour autonomy

Engine power:25 W


Product Size:137 * 90 * 46mm

Packaging Content:Massage pistol, manual, U-shaped head, spherical head, cylindrical head, flat head, type c data cable

Massage gun 2020 massage gun-iNeck™️ Fascia

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