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The massage device Multifunctional iNeck™️ Hailicare for your knees that promotes the circulation Sanguine

  1. Relieves pain Arthritis and joint pain

  2. Reduces inflammation And swelling

  3. Massage by Multi-frequency vibrations.

  4. Integrated Vibration Engine: free switching between heat and vibration, simulating hand and hand kneading, making knee joint more comfortable

  5. Unique Knee Machine: The electric knee masseur combines with an entirely enveloped "airbag", the acupuncture points, help to relieve the pain of the knee joints and relaxes muscles around the ball.

  6. Ergonomic Design: Near the knee and offers a vibrant and stimulating massage for your articulation. A fantastic way to help recover from pain because it increases the circulation for improved mobility.

You're always living up! And only the pain stops you? Here is the massage accessory you need to relieve your knees

Our device on the self -MassageTo relieve osteoarthritis of theKnee. The iNeck™️ Hailicare accessoryHelps to relieve your pain by practicing the self-handling of theKnee,Particularly effective in case ofOsteoarthritis, following the advice of physiotherapists.


Type:Heat Knee Masseur
Size:31 * 24.5 * 13.0 cm/12.20 * 9.65 * 5.24 inches (approximately)
Black Color
Voltage:12 V
Input voltage:110-220V
Type of outlet:EU/BS/US socket
Body area:Knee, commune
Massage function:Physiotherapy therapy, heat therapy
Weight:1 kg (approximately)

Focus on:

Bone tingling, swelling of the joints, weakness of the legs, rheumatoid joint, rigid numbness, arthritis ...

Masseur for Knee-iNeck™️ Hailicare

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