Your guide and accessory list for manual massage

Your accessory guide for manual massage

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Your guide and accessory list for manual massage

A massage accessory! WHAT IS THAT ?

A manual massage accessory is a machine portable With which the professional massage therapist can increase the power of its massage on a specific part of the patient's body. However, a health and well-being amateur can use it if it obviously respects the few simple instructions for use and security.

The use of this device Prevents fatigue and stress. The most common concern for all massage therapists or massage therapists. We know, stress and fatigue are more common disorders, even felt in the therapists practicing massage therapy, due to the intense application of pressure on different parts of the body.


Your guide and accessory list for manual massage


So, a surprising revelation for many adepts of the massage is the fact that the fact that performs the most relaxing and soothing massages can also suffer from stresseven or even overwork After a massage session.

Another against theory is the fact that massage therapy can damage the body's body at the end of a massage session. Therefore, the advent of manual massage accessories has made a big change in this scenario.

These accessories are designed to prevent the therapists' disorders and reduce considerably Harmful effectsFor the massage donor while increasing impact and efficiency massage and relieving tension and soothing speak Relaxing muscles.

In addition, a manual massage accessory can be used by anyone, if thepressure points accurate are known to him. These manual massage accessories have made their way since an alternative therapy remains within the reach of all if necessary. These devices are available as electrical devices or not.

The Guide and Accessory List for Manual Massage

Electric massage accessories are obviously more efficient To instantly relieve daily pain. Portable massage devices or massage accessories can now be used easily for oneself or by someone else needing immediate relief.

What is the list of 24 types of manual massage accessories to use?

Here is a list of the 24 different manual massage accessories that you can use:

      1. The double massage cane
      2. Massage balls
      3. Massage cushions for neck medisana
      4. Vibrating massage balls / Massage gun
      5. The massage accessory for the back / "NECK muscle bread "
      6. Massage accessories for cuffs
      7. Hand massage accessories
      8. The accessories ofmassagekneadingneck vibrant
      9. Point massage accessories
      10. The electric massage apparatus for the neck
      11. The massage cane
      12. Massage rolls to massage them
      13. Massage rolls to relieve the body
      14. The neck, neck and cervical massage accessoryIneck / or the "Neck Shiatsu Massager (massageShiatsu) "
      15. The massage accessory for muscle tension of the heart
      16. Lymphatic Massage Massage Accessory Shiatsu
      17. Stone massage accessory 
      18. The vibrant masseur for the eyes
      19. Portable Wooden Massage Joint Instruments
      20. The socks of reflexology
      21. Massaging / heating reflexology gloves
      22. The reflexology / acupuncture mattress
      23. The wood reflexology activator
      24. The CBD massage oils

Thank you for reading your guide and accessory list for manual massage!

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