Christmas in the feminine with 5 unmissable tips for a nice table at Christmas.

Christmas woman: our selection of local gifts

Six gift ideas for a responsible and local Christmas to please Madam.

Pretty pin

Pretty brooch ineck technology

To offer or to offer yourself: the pretty brooch Gustave workshop that combines a lamb leather flower and a pretty golden brass rod. All corinne creations are handmade in his studio in Thônes. Jewelry, hair accessories: sweet and delicate coquettries for small and large.

25 € the lou spindle

A custom bag

A tailor-made bag ineck technology

Summer like winter, it is the essential accessory of any respecting wardrobe. And why not a custom bag? In La Roche-sur-Foron, in the shop Mademoiselle Perrine, the brand P'tit Tip of Mary German offers several models. The color, the material, the size, it's up to you to choose.

From 59 to 75 €

A skin to the taste of paradise

A skin to the taste of paradise I Neck Technology

Escape on a shore of a Pacific Island at the out of the shower. Here is a dry oil that winds body and hair with softness xxl. Made in the Savoyard laboratory of an expert chemist, this penetrating power combines dattier oils from the desert, hemp, incha-inchi, hazelnut, Jojoba and Monoi.

26 € the unit

Connected accessories and high tech

Connected accessories and high tech ineck technology

100% UVA and UVB protection for these solar comforts. It is the roundness of the top of the roof of Europe which inspired this creator Lunetier Annecial. It draws its inspiration in the timeless and the temporal with goggles made by hand and in limited series. Ultra light and adorned with gold branches, they dress the face to ensure, facing Mont Blanc.

Solar model Mont-Blanc 360 €


Awakening of senses i neck technology massage

Photos © Fred Durant

Relaxing parenthesis in the heart of the spa crystal of the Imperial Palace. How about a massage according to your need? Taste the eveil care of the senses. 55 minutes to let go of the hollow of an atmosphere, music, perfume ... with a smooth awakening accompanied by a drink. Come one hour before care, to savor the wellness area (basin, sauna, hammam).

Care Awakening Sens 140 €

Take me to Annecy

Take me to Annecy - Ineck Technology Massage

Pure Player worn by Instagram and Facebook, Take Me to Annecy is the identity, timeless and intergenerational brand that shakes the Annécien Remembrance Market.

An ethical concept 2.0 and trends to offer all lovers of the Venice of the Alps!

Pablo Sweat 33,50 € for sale on the e-shop

4 unmissable tips for a beautiful Christmas table.

4 unsuitable tips for a beautiful table with Christmas ineck technology - body massage apparatus, health and well being


© Houses of the World

Our 4 unmissable tips for a beautiful table in Christmas

To bluff your guests without taking your head, there are some tips to know who transform your tablecloth and your simple dishes into a party decoration. We explain everything, for you to play. Dress the table before decorating

If you do not have a tablecloth, have a white sheet, even too big, it will fall around it's not embarrassing. You can also replace the tablecloth with a long gilded paper strip on the table path, or fancy paper sets, Kraft paper.

  • Choose a single color to keep harmony

If you have a colorful tablecloth, stay in the same range without adding other shades (white, gold, silver and wood do not count as more color). Blue example + white + golden yes but red + green + golden no. If you have a tablecloth and white plates, you have interest in bringing a contrast with a dark color (a subset or a red table set etc.).

  • Multiply the lights to set the tone

Do not lesize on candles: presented in a glass or a photophore and bright garlands (there are a wide choice with LEDs and batteries that are convenient to place on a table). Make them snake along the table, it will shine all glasses, carafes and cie.

  • Play the profusion for a perfect table

Feel free to add and especially with brilliant objects: gold or silver. Example, a small garland that winds in the middle of the table, Christmas balls disseminated or presented by 2 or 3 in small cuts. In short, get out all you have in your wardrobes leaves them turn away, a beautiful wine carafe garnished with water ...

  • Vary the heights on the decoration side

This gives a lot of perspective at the table, take out your candle holders, candlesticks and others, even mismatched. Use a servant or flat cake dish and garnish with Christmas balls. Add glasses on foot (even if they do not serve!) This enriches the table a lot.

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