How to use a massage roller?

How to use a massage roller? Fitness Master Class

We will learn to use a massage roll; Welcome to your Fitness Captain course. So here I am, I advise you to take a rather wide roller to be able to work on a large amplitude and more comfortable. We will do the same soon for a massage ball

Massage rolls are busy preparing muscles before exercise. It is used to regenerate the muscles, also after a workout to avoid stiffness, and it is also useful for working against cellulite.

Here are three good reasons to use a massage roller and I show you approximately how it works.

We will go back from the brain to the feet and we will start by working on the calves. We put one leg and here on the roller. We will cross the leg now above, but simply now we are going to massage and organize the weights, so some people who will have really very tight calves know where to find it quite unpleasant here. But if you miss even more strength, I advise you to take support on the hands and here to massage. We will really try to work on the entire surface of the twins, so really turn your feet here.

So we are here three texts like that, then I will find you the most sensitive point where it is most necessary: ​​Yahoo, health, it's more painful.

Which anti cellulite massage oil choose?

Finally, here you stay and then we will turn the paw three times in a sense three times in the other, then flex and release and pass less with the shoe well unfolded, breathe. And now you will use your breathing as a natural anesthesia; There and again we turn the hoof three times in the other direction.

The flap and last-minute legislation The courts have used the abdominal attachment now so I know the massage like this: it's not the best time in the world, but just after you go see, you will feel really good , better tower beating, beating, beating, beating and cowardling you leave your legs quiet and we vary the other side up now.

So we try to see once without lifting the buttocks how it happens and if we think can still do it, I have extra pain at the track. Now we take off and we go here.

We are going to roll and it really works on all the amplitude.

So, in fact, almost to the knees then to the ankle, here too, we try to find the most sensitive area in learning.

It is clear that it is really earlier inside to find the sensitive point, and then we turn three times to make the muscle in action during the compression will really create a huge stress and then after the massage This will really promote blood circulation. And that's where we will see the results of the improvement, while three times, it's worth making a face of face. You make me smile.

 Why do the dog massage?

I know where I live exactly like you, the more you will, the more you feel the need for mass and here is the pulpit and a daring turn in one direction, then the other part and and free. Here, I reprimand you, then hop-skip to sell a little now.

Just take a few steps to unroll the legs and we come back. We will then work the back of the thighs here on the skis in January, but it goes exactly the same way. We will cross the agent on the other to his fellow, in fact, several alternatives: either the alternative a little easier here or the basin.

We can see a little more collected in general. The ischio-ham is a little less painful, so here's just the pleasure of massaging when she has found your sensitive point and when you saw it crosy friction.

That is to say, it is enough to move the musk on the roll 3-4 days, and we start again. We are going here is a little knee to the calm buttocks here. For the moment, it is the coolest, we work on the form, we assert again the resistance of the CROS: OK Alter, Legs 3.

 How to make a back massage with or without oil?

We will really work from thought to the letter and you will completely get out with a diffusion of blood certainly very, extremely improved. It's a lot of good.

Its fight against heavy legs that also reduces the pressure in the legs improves flexibility and also moving cros. The friction here needs 3, 1, 2, 3 and again before the secu. Here is well released, the same three small steps just to run without good health.

Maybe you feel the river here, it's the blood flowing in your legs. Naturally, you feel it. We continue. We continue seriously, we will attack the quadriceps here, so for quadriceps, it's very simple. We will locate it here, on the ground.

We will open the opposite leg there. You will place the high level roller around the elegant knee precisely at the place above. The knee is there, it's the same, we are not collapsed. We propagate the grind with the elbows we hire its fellow and there great happiness awaits you. You come here humbly sliding the thigh on the roll.

So I know what you live. I saw the same thing as you there. It's very, very intense. Sometimes it's like a little stab in the thighs, but it's really for your good right after. So, before, we have a little detached all that, we will continue a process.

 How to make a good neck massage?

A little more monitored, so here we roll in front, we roll behind the small carriers, not too long here is folded. Three well-hired epochs, the abdomen leaves the crucible, not your back and kroos resistance here: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, and we went back by driving.

Now we are trying to find the most sensitive orientation of your quadriceps, where it is, must and then now we will do it until we come back on the humiliating trend, bold resistance, the same thing we are going. There is for you, "his" more painful. Miscellaneous, the young wolf closer to the months connected today "his plus" towards the hip.

I can tell you that there, I feel, really very exceptionally, very good; The more we repeat my pain, the more the muscles are irrigated and the easier it is. Courage, first. Last place of the folded era and structure per km. H is impeccable. Now you may feel the difference between your quadriceps.

We have what remains of the reset, yes, you like that. Ok great, so we start again on the other leg went to Corrze. Well, it's the most difficult time. This is the quadriceps. So do not worry.

It's really the hardest ok, so we have our trendies facing the ground, our shoulders facing the ground. We do not collapse, we move away from the bias of the grind and we go, how it has only drove slowly to start feeling about where we will have to orient our quadriceps to have maximum efficiency.

Never use this breath while even a natural drug was going to concentrate his quadriceps where you need and we are 20 euros here - are small brings to start we please the abdomen, Buckle participated three times and Kroos friction here this is the technique 1/2 to tighten fascia, and that's really the one that will really give you a hyper effective anti-cellulite aspect worked as internal wastewater in the compensation process of the beautiful courage to breathe. Well folded, one last time east.

For me, the most intense session of the trendy tournament is so a max. I am with you, courage, dig frictions and folding holds the committed abdominal loop.

When massaging a cat with a massage accessory?

Well. Let's start well, huge, "Let's go" your legs. Well, you continue to follow because we will go to the facial test if he has the side of his legs. If you run, you are able to desire everything there is. Here, now, go from here.

We will stand on the side, so the thigh here in contact with the rolled here, the elbow under the shoulder and then the opposite leg in equilibrium now yes. So it's the same thing. We will not collapse here by jumping. We involve the abdominal attachment now. We will remove the leg of the ground and we will roll on the sides.

There it's done. Let yourself go. We wanted to try to save a good amplitude here and there it's the same. We are currently working with CROS resistance and flexion here is to make the muscle into action while it is tense. This is what is called the best compression, and that's really what will regenerate you.

Must has given, in fact, a blood circulation, pocket or chapin as soon as compression. This will really help the muscles to be reactivated to clean up, so it's really this blood circulation that will work. Anti cellulite, cros, resistance courage, courage, gallantry, deviation!

It is possible that when you have practiced the method used, you feel the image of a color offset. Do not attack, it's normal if it's really big discolorations we'll stop you until it leaves, but there were little trauma like that.

Why choose a good massage cream?

It's normal, ok, go. We convert the edge and CIF the opposite leg. We have kidnapped and we are going so much and as it is able to use more and more body value on this massage now at the beginning, certainly to go to Ungheni the abdomen, the belt and after the amount of performance, you will be A little cooler here. We flatten 3 4 durations and then we will crosse the folding by friction, then, for some, the fascia, the faucet is more dying than the quadriceps for others.

This is the opposite to accept all this without judgment.

For me, it is still the quadriceps and one of the most difficult of each of these domains, the cros resistors, you will see that you will feel and, for example, just before a hurry just before a big training session of Massage yourself like that, then not necessarily 20 minutes. 1000 M. 5 minutes. This actually establishes a big difference between and one your muscles will be much more responsive, better irrigated, so think about it. From time to time, we went inside thighs on the adductors, you will see, it's much softer and the position is very glamorous.

So now, you rather orient your roller on the side. If you have set the interior of the knee above, the relation of the kidneys, the abdominal loop repel the villain with the joints and the Europe we go there. We proceed in the same way on the fiction Cros. We do the same thing with brings. Opening closing, for me, it has become a little more cool.

The adductors do not know for you to see the agitations, so here's if it's cool will give more weight by removing the leg of the soup. Open close. Look well that of the abdominal belt, with closed fists. The opening of the last era now, the PA Transfection, I love construction sites, I am sure and the opening and closing policy is great. The legs are altered and then we go to the buttocks.

How to choose your massage oil?

So his ticket bank - here in the game, we invite not to hesitate to move the roller if necessary, we rent the abdominal leash, and now we leave. We ride on the interior of the myth of Cros, the thighs open by closing; It is also good to feel the difference from one leg to another; This is a leg is still a lot of unpleasant work, that the other is what it is.

My strong leg is what it is, the leg on which I always rely here and the cost of this, perhaps to say that the next epochs may be a little more asymmetrical, for example, not always Exclusively squats, where you use both legs at the same time, but perhaps also defense dives on one leg here, it's really to study. The legs it's saddle without one taking over on the other how unfolds, ok. Good, the same.

We do a few small steps now, we feel a little the benefits in the legs, that's good. We will go to the buttocks so for the hop-skip rear you are going to have just to sit on your go, so we will collect the buttocks of the claim to massage the title buttocks. You must pass the left ankle on the knee of freedom and time.

The right knee towards the ground outside, ok, like that, your croups and very relaxed, and unexpectedly you can go to the farm and that's all - it's really, very very comfortable and very very very pleasant. The theory is really to go to the mass, and here are the great glutes of the environment, but also the small muscles that are deeper, especially.

The pyramid, for example, does not hesitate, in fact, to stay a little on the zones. A little more sensitive, it's the same. Some crossed friction now, do not hesitate to go up approximately up to the back and then certainly until the thigh engaged. The abdominal tie will make you spend time. I love him.

It's really a very nice moment. It's really super sciatic, anti dorsal pain, do not hesitate to practice this movement every day. If you need a few minutes later, really on the rear here we will stay here on the side.

Unfortunately, after having precisely oriented the leg on the side several times here to massage the muscle in contraction on the most sensitive area, the breathtaking reformed backs have changed. You jump as if you needed Larbi, cable here, so we will cross the other ankle on the other knee to guide the game.

We go outward, up, and then we go there, we drive so that we agree. This movement really helps us to threaten us. It can also help us strengthen our muscles in uncertainty, and it will be the subject of another video promises there.

We are really in the relaxation in the convenience here it is in the summer, not really up to the top of the back well to take the place to get the insertions.

Ah, here we will stay there after removing the leg and 6 after a few very nice openings well done to arrive only in front of your roller.

Ok, we will work the back so there for me. I certainly invite you to burst you and not too much t-shirt. Otherwise, you will see a bone, it will flatten itself, it will be taken in the roller. It is time to show a little hockey scalp. Now you will remove the basin.

Does everything be precisely, we will make us massage along the sticker. So a bit like this placide, then you will catch your shoulders with your hands swept like that, and then we will really go. Little by little and if we look for it on the sides now, it's the shoulders that you have to look for the toes and we go there.

We ride in front, behind, in small promising distances and the abdominal belt is there. You are what you feel your vertebrae, which relaxes that relax.

Maybe it also cracks at home. It's good. It's actually very good sign, keep the strap, well engaged abdomen and if we are moving and on the level of the ribs mingling our humor is here on the impressive plateau.

If it's really good sign, the press you offer yourself a session of Osteo goes, we will make a trip pretty much to the shoulders, gallantry and the device at the top, brilliant well run here. Maybe you will move in the back.

How to use a massage cream?

A little feel important benefits, since you feel it heats up. We will finish our session to work here, in the upper back, and not gently, so we're just going to put his shoulders now on the steering wheel.

We will keep your head in the propagation of the back even now the shoulders, and there really. We will, of course, invoke the basin, but really quite good, but without being afraid to go pretty high anyway, and here we drive very slowly in silence and we feel a zone of tension that is the same now. The CROS FICTION CIE is prohibited with the neck.

Otherwise, the year you can go to their island basin to keep the severe stroke flows, it's really good to go a little further. Yes, even to get off. Now. The toes here are a little more loaded on the collar of the uterus me personally. I always need to love me, to stay here.

Will have the deserts. Well, it was not to move a small circle of the neck well secreted. Ok, stay there. Openings, closures, openings, awesome closures, very slowly, very slowly, impeccable opening / closure of current operation. Very tight abdominals, is not it a good vertex to straighten it.

You will do it in your shoulders here. I hope you will also feel rested, regenerated from the inside.

Do not hesitate to train every day if you wish before exercise after exercise or maintenance, simply to fight the cellulite, our new best friend.

Well, subscribe to our ineck technology chain and we will see you very soon in a future fitness class, Master-Class!

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