How to handle stress with essential oils?

How to handle stress with essential oils?

Welcome today I'm going to talk about not funny topics, like the feelings stress, the crisis, panic attacks, tensions, things that can simply eat your healthy life and how, thanks to the essential oils We can deal with this better when we do not feel good, physically or morally, when you have hallucinations when you are a star of life, when you have a shock to overcome bad news.

Now are all these little things in everyday life that can come down on us and really pushing us, physically and morally, how the indispensable lubricants exit help you cope with this stress for info. I wrote an article on this subject so on my natural well-being, the charm, which you can read, because it's a little more detailed build a little more deeply.

I will introduce you today, 4.5 crucial oil acknowledgment, to use, therefore, to treat and soothe and abbreviate the feeling of stress of the panic sensation of terror, etc.

I will present you in the next article the same thing, but with bach buds, which are also natural rectifiers that I use a lot and that I really like today we will focus on 5 essential oils to use and listen.

How do you do with an essential massage oil?

If you are already using them, if you know them, if they have done you good, if it deals with other things that I can forget and I can forget to speak, do not hesitate to call me a comment on this video.

If you want to know more about my blog, my article otherwise ask the question immediately I will be happy to answer you and we will start immediately, I will therefore present you 5 essential lubricants.

I remind you that essential oils come from bushes that are very strong, very powerful, which act immediately on given symptoms, specific to each critical lubricant. I also invite you to consult the previous commodities on my blog on the assets of essential oils.

 How to manufacture a massage oil?

Each oil has qualities of qualities and particularly different characters. It behaves like an oil that can act on many different things, but it is really very strong and very powerful, which relieves maintenance.

We certainly do not use tons of critical lubricant because it has nothing we manipulate. Here's how it is necessary. We respect the prescribed dosage, otherwise we risk poisoning, allergy or overdose.

It would not be funny if you kept them on the surface, take a test 24 hours before to be sure everything is fine. Well, for example, in the bending of the elbow in the well of the weapon here, is otherwise diluted if it can not use pure with a little sweet neutral neutral vegetable oil away from Macadamia.

This will be better. Afterwards, the lubricants critical oils here are very easily can be found in pharmacies in pharmacies, in organic stores on the internet is very affordable, is clearly for the attention of conservation away from the heat of moisture, so preferably in the dark in the dark and buying if possible, preferably in a tiny format, five or ten thousand liters, because, after you go lose, you have to waste them if you do not use them regularly.

If, if you do not mind, I base myself mainly on the book of Festy's Daily, my bible oils, essential.

Otherwise, you can find information on the Internet. There are everywhere today; It is very accessible. So here, if you observe all this, you can keep them for a year, but not easier, because after that, there will be no goods, and if you do not put more than necessary, there will be. No problem, however, be careful.

I specify that some essential points are discouraged or prohibited to pregnant women, breastfeeding babies, children under 3 years old and seniors, then there you will inquire as it should be and be careful.

But apart from that, these are products I have been using for years, who have proved that I have a lot of affection for me and for my loved ones, full of various things. Not really stress - and if it interests you, do not hesitate to ask my questions and consult the disturbances.

So if we start with the oil I like a lot, so I all have a lot huh. But here is this one. It's true that I really like is the Roman chamomile, then the Roman chamomile.

It's very powerful. It's an essential oil that will relax, soothe and soothe and all the more because they help me sleep well and not having tests, because you know that your tensions and are out at night too.

Under the appearance of nightmare in the hopper of Dombes and I make a nightmare. I wake up right away. I take my little bottle.

Always a place of me. I breathe deeply for 2.3 days when I'm stirring a small handkerchief with three goals on a paper handkerchief that I too breathe.

Are there passionately 2 3 times and immediately it calms me away, and I can go back to sleep without nightmare most of the time, if not ever three put on my pillow one to two hours before sleeping and exhausting. Finally, it's great what it feels good and it now allows you to prepare a little acre for when I will arrive.

Put my thoughts on the pillow are good. Here is the Roman chamomile, its loosening. It is a very strong plant, which has an anti-weak and calm power here.

So it's great, do not hesitate to try it in the bath. Too many relaxation showers put in place, about twenty groups in the gelatin shower or a bath of blood, so it's a Massage essential oil that I love.

It is the essential oil of sweet orange; She and her perfume deduce a lot of hope. It's great delicious than the softening helps digestion after the evening meal.

It helps to fall asleep it's completely relaxed the atmosphere in the atmosphere diffuser on a small handkerchief to breathe just like that or if we would have been the same two hours before sleeping it feels super good and it relaxes completely . So I love him.

Love is always next to my berth in Paris and as soon as I have "a little" stress, I go out. I love him. Sweet Orange move forward, then another very powerful, crucial oil in the fields of all, because it is really a must have essential oils of penalty lavender or before the forgiveness of lavender, officinal or The sale should really.

It's a must for me. I am not especially a fan of the smell, nevertheless, it has incredible properties and especially so, for all that will be calm and suspicions of stress, relax the nervous system, it is wonderful.

So if you like the smell, in addition, are you not restless because it does a lot of other things. This oil is especially now. It is known to be very, very quiet in Terro the emphasis that you are it's true, true lavender or official lavender.

Then I talk about the essential oil of tangerine, so red, yellow, green. No matter, because all three have soothing and relaxing properties, a bit like the orange dessert, if they were very similar.

They will help him fall asleep, to relax to calm down. They helped me digest extremely and frankly, these oils are very, particularly inexpensive.

In additive, compared me Roman and suddenly, it's great, it's great - to have his dance at the pharmacopoeia, because at the same time, it can do many other things and then it stinks.

You can also use it in the kitchen, and now I am, I think it's great to have that. Then I am talking about the essential oil of marjoram in egg shell, which is one of my favorite lubricants and that I use a lot when I need it.

I hope I finally want not to need it. She often loses, but "good, no matter, hyper often because if you tend to be subject to good hears, stress, distress to fears but to be physically blocked.

Because of this see the solar plexus completely blocked to have cricket contractions or be totally paralyzed blocked at the different muscle levels.

It is a very, unusually, very strong nervous system, which takes place from the nervous system. Very powerful, 2 to 3 drops maximum disintegrate a little little vegetable oil that you rub on your solar plexus.

In two or three minutes, you are completely open, distress calm and you can think again.

You are calm. Can you say that you are relaxed? You can settle here? It is really an essential oil focused on development.

Physics for all, that is, the stress, the anxiety, the terror, the fear, the bad braid carapace, the supersaturation to the Marjolaine is your cure. There is nothing to say, that's why I presented you here.

The essential oils I use to combat stress, anxieties, horror hallucinations. There are others, of course, which exist, but for me these are really the most powerful for the most targeted compared to that. This type of this problem so do not hesitate to try them yourself.

Will you tell me, do you tell me a report? He really manipulates. Very good for me and listen to me next time.

So I'm talking about Bach flowers that I love and while waiting for you to do.

Take care of yourself and see you soon.

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