How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2020?

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

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This is a question that has caused a lot of confusion (and frustration) in the past among influencers and brands as a result of the different updates of the instagram algorithm since September 2020.

But be sure! How does instagram work in 2020?

In this article we will demystify the rumors, and we will cover everything you need to know about the Instagram algorithm from 2019 to 2020.

Once you know how the algorithm works, you can use it to build an effective Instagram strategy, and thus continue to grow your account, your likes and your stories (feed story)!

First of all it is worth noting that all the information we are going to deliver to you in this email is the result of countless tests carried out on a multitude of different accounts. It is not, therefore, an abstract assumption, but rather a matter of actual practice and experimentation.

This clarification is now time to resume control of your Instagram marketing strategy and to put the algorithm to your service.

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I-Myths around the Instagram algorithm

Before looking at what affects the algorithm, it is important to understand what does not affect it and to demystify some of the ideas that persist, but which are really only myths:

  • The frequency with which you post Stories or use Instagram Lives does not affect how the publication will be handled by the algorithm
  • Your account is not down in the algorithm for the simple reason that you have published a lot
  • A pro account is as important to the algorithm as a personal account, so the scope of your publications is the same regardless of the type of account
  • On Instagram, there is no special privilege in favour of the photo compared to the video or vice versa, but the accounts of the users can according to their preferences (determined by the algorithm according to their daily use) see more of one or the other
  • Your publications are not hidden by the algorithm. If your followers continue to scroll indefinitely, they will eventually see your publication.

Now that we know what does not affect the scope of your publications, let's see the 3 pillars on which the Instagram algorithm is based.

What are the fundamental pillars on which the Instagram algorithm is based this year?

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II-The 3 Pillars on which the Instagram algorithm is based

1) The Interest/Commitment

Instagram's goal is to continuously increase user engagement. The more they love, share and comment, the more time they spend using the platform.

The more they use the platform, the more announcements they will see, the more announcements they will see, the more money they will bring to Instagram, or rather to Facebook, which is the owner.

Instagram is therefore doing its best to predict the extent to which the user will engage with each new post.

To do this he uses machine learning. Machine learning takes into account all the past behavior of the user on the platform to display to everyone what they are most likely to engage in.

What they use exactly to determine the level of commitment is not 100 % clear, but we know that, firstly, it is the commitment of the user with similar content, and secondly, potentially, the analysis of the content by machine learning to determine whether it is quality content or not.

For example, the machine learning d' instagram by analyzing the content will arrive alone to recognize inappropriate content such as violence, pornography etc. .. and in the same way thanks to criteria that remain quite complex and quite mysterious it will also recognize only thanks to its ability to analyse quality content (beautiful photos etc. ..)

2) Chronology of posts

This pillar has been the subject of a great deal of change recently as a result of an update, posts no longer appear in chronological order in the feed instagram.

Now, if you tend to scrolling a lot, your stream will be more "chronological" and Instagram will show you the best posts since your last visit.

But for a user who uses relatively little Instagram and does not necessarily scrollate a lot, then his flow will be more sorted according to what Instagram thinks he will like, rather than chronologically.

In practice, the Instagram algorithm is very concerned about the moment when a new publication is posted because it always wants to serve you the latest and most interesting and recent publications.

This goal is once again, as explained above, to make sure that you commit to the maximum with these and that you spend as much time as possible on Instagram.

Thus, recent publications continue to be given priority over several weeks' publications.

3) Relational

This is perhaps the most obvious pillar.

Like Facebook, whose motto is "Prioritize your friends and family", Instagram tries to figure out how close you are to the people you are following.

It thus gives priority to the people with whom you have much interacted before (liked, shared, commented on their publications, sent DM) as well as to the people with whom you were tagged on the photos.

Before the intervention of some updates that significantly strengthened this pillar, Instagram estimates that users were missing 50 % of these important posts, so it is to correct this and give more visibility to the publications of the accounts with which you are most committed, that these updates of the algorithm took place.

In addition to interest, timing and relational, other secondary factors are also taken into account by the algorithm.

III-Secondary factors also considered by the algorithm

1) Frequency

This does not correspond to the frequency with which you are posting, it is the frequency with which the user opens the application. The more Instagram the user opens, the more the order of the publications will be chronological.

2) Number of accounts tracked

If the user follows a lot of people, there is less chance that he sees the publications of an account with which he interacts little or does not meet the other criteria taken into account by the algorithm.

In practice the more the user follows the accounts, the more the algorithm becomes dotted about the choice of the publications that it will show you. Or to see these publications the user will have to scroller for a long time before they fall on the publication.

3) Use frequency-related frequency

Instagram's algorithm also takes into account how the user spends time on Instagram. Does the person who logs in, just look at the five most recent publications or is someone scrolling through the feed for a long period of time?

As we mentioned earlier, in the first case, Instagram is more likely to show the most relevant content, and in the second the most recent content.

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In summary

Instagram's algorithm is surrounded by many false ideas that persist, but the reality is that most of these ideas have no foundation and experimentation on very many accounts shows us that these ideas are actually myths

The algorithm is based in reality on 3 fundamental pillars that are: the interest/commitment created by a publication and an account in general, the chronology of publications and the relational

Other more secondary factors also have an influence on the algorithm, but contrary to the fundamental principles, their importance is to relativise and are not decisive in a growth strategy of your Instagram account.

As you can see, many factors cause the algorithm in different directions and each feed is organized individually. With this information you now only have to play the algorithm in your favor!

Do not hesitate to send us an email to let us know your results and if need be to ask us questions!

Thank you for your attention!

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