How to do Tantric massage?

How to do Tantric massage?

So what is Tantric massage?

In fact, Tantric massage is mainly taught by touch. I set up these groups because in the process of teaching Tantrism, and even in my daily life, I realized that human beings have many difficulties in touching, especially in our society. I see that in the esoteric community, the way people touch each other hurts me.

If I give it to a group of secret sects, it's not to hurt others; Instead, it's to let them learn to take better care of themselves in different ways and see how far apart touchdown scores are, that is, to be hit. It can not only accept the touch, but also touch others

There may be so much embarrassment, don't touch it at last, because he doesn't feel it. He has nothing to do with the person who only touches his hands and is uneasy, not something from the heart. Tantric massage is to learn to communicate through touch, but in an inner existence, accepting another person's true colors is also in my ability to listen to others.

So if I come to the seminar of Tantric massage, will I accept Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is not erotic massage. However, it's a way to feel better

what's happening?

We will enter a dimension of giving and receiving. That is to say, what we often forget and we don't necessarily contact is that when I give in front of each other, I will touch him. So, when I give him a lot of love, in fact, I get love. When I position myself as a person who accepts love, he accepts welcome and gives others this space, I give him love.

So we really enter the infinite cycle of giving and receiving.

Usually, massage people will be surprised to feel that they have done it and they are not tired. Instead, they feel like they've got it. On the contrary, when I give myself to another person, I realize that I give myself to another person. I'm not just lazy. No one is inert. That is to say, when everyone is in their own existence, everyone is in their own existence. When everyone is in their own existence, the mutual existence exists. In fact, in this common existence, a common existence framework is created. Well, there's an energy cycle where we can meet


Tantric massage is a special technique that you can learn in groups. So, of course, it's not that I can say something vulgar to shake my body.

Of course, anyway, you have to get in touch with the organization and respect certain ways of touching the body, but that's pretty basic, I said, we sculpt the body

That is to say, I'm listening to two inner movements, skin quality. What my body allows me to do. That's how the body grabs my part. Who I am, how I listen, how I serve him.

When the body feels heard, it feels safe, so it can unfold, invite us to do something, or, anyway, have a contact that we absolutely did. Don't imagine

Some people sometimes tell me "I don't know how to massage", in fact, they just agree to be in front of each other. All of a sudden, they realized that they did it themselves.

In fact, the ultimate goal of Tantric massage is to learn to communicate in a way different from our habits, that is, energy communication and silent communication.

This is in the order of exercise meditation.

If I already know a skill or shortcoming, is it good for me?

I don't know

It's a big problem, and most of the time, skilled people will say to me... Oh, yes, but I know how to massage. I do some techniques

Of course, all massage is good and useful, but in tantric massage, it's better to forget its technology. Even I ask to forget it, because technology will be realized in another way, that is, it will come for service.

What a patient needs, not what to do to another person.

We can have a trick. Forget her. She's like an instrumentalist. He learned to scale, he learned his skills, and then, if he really wanted to be a musician, he would forget his skills. He will go beyond his skill.

So, we're in this space...

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