How to carry out sensory massage?

How to carry out sensory massage?

What does sensory massage need?

Good morning, we'll find together the perfect ingredients for a night of sexual friction.

After a long day, what else can we expect to be more relaxed than a good massage?

First of all, I chose the friction candle of "secret happiness" brand for you. Happy secret is a brand made in France, a fragrant candle, five very pleasant smells and 100% natural plant wax.

This candle no doubt satisfies all the candle principles in pursuit of sex appeal. It's very simple: at first you have a candle, which is quite traditional. We light the candle and melt it for 10 minutes.

Candles soften and turn into oil. It's a warm, smooth oil. You just blow on the ignition switch and immediately pour the red lubricant on the body.

Therefore, you must know that the quality of lubricating oil is not hot at all. The destination is absolutely not to confuse your partner.

In fact, it's a hot, creamy oil that gives a pleasant feeling when massaged. You'll find her greasy. It's sold here with a little spade, so it's easy to pour oil on the surface.

This means that we don't put it anywhere when we use it. You can put it in a very beautiful small container to prevent dust. It's also good, because if you put it on the table at night, of course dust will stick to your candle, the next time you peel it. That's not the point, but it's not the point.

Of course, in his menu, you can promote mahogany or garnet; Patchouli is also combined with mogito or bubble gum. The sorter is yours.

Always in the secret of the happy brand. I will also introduce you to dry and non viscous friction lubricants. They make the surface soft, incredibly soft, and give the body a silky effect, and you should know that they are very moisturizing. We'll have different flavors.

First, I'll start with mono perfume. So, mono, it's the fragrance of heaven that brings you into a more comprehensive, relaxed and peaceful world. Again, he reminds us of holidays. We felt like we were on the beach and there was no sand sticking to the back.

That is great! After the mono, we have coconut, and then coconut is a sweet, erotic feature, which really eases all the tension. Make you want to eat pie. You may prefer vanilla, vanilla, a perfume with fragrance, heated, with its products symbolizing sweetness and sexiness.

What massage equipment or massagist choice?

You can use your massage to assist your massage, so, in order to do that. I've chosen two rooms for you to experience a happier and stronger moment when using candles or massage oil. The first is a warm heart, a warm chorus. The principle is simple: first, you have a perfect fluid mind. Take a shower in your heart like this with a small metal plate.
So, when you open it, you will see quartz across a path in your heart; It will harden and the temperature will rise to 54 degrees. Then you can rub it on your body with a candle or rubbing oil, so that you can feel the feeling of massaging with sand without having to take the stone out of the water.
It can be reused completely. What you "have to see" is that when heated within the stirring range of the heart, we have to boil it like a hard egg for 10 minutes, and then, where the reference cools, it will remain liquid. So good, it's all red!
Many of our customers use it for other purposes, whether it's muscle pain or menstruation. The pain is that the little lively chorus does have a lot of abuse in daily life.

If you don't want to be with people who say "yes", but in summer, when it's hot, we want more than warm hearts. I'm going to return our Tantric masseuse to you, so yes, it's not a karaoke microphone.
This is a very esoteric masseuse that you can use for your whole body. For many different parts of the body, whether it's the back, shoulders or neck.

You know, because of its powerful vibration, a meeting will abnormally lighten your burden. It also welcomes gliding along its own body. You can use it to enjoy the clitoris. I knew you were gona. Anyway, tell me, "yes, but in the movies we watch and other movies.

Sometimes, they use this stimulator for intense foreplay at a high level of the clitoris So it's true, but you have to tell yourself that you have to start with the smallest advantage, and only experience can increase the intensity, because if you turn it on to the maximum value of the program, and then put it down, it will become stronger. You'll see the interface, so we turn it on with the buttons at the bottom, it calculates exactly on / off, and then we have two keys.
The first method allows us to modify the energy, so we can use it precisely to the minimum or return to the maximum. The middle button allows us to modify the mode. When you need a pulse, there are many possibilities, and when you put yourself on your body, it's really, really enjoyable to know.

I have no leaves now, I have. I keep it, and when it is handed over to you, you should enjoy its benefits in the same way.

Please note that we have many other products on the website that need to be rubbed. Spark plug lubricant.

If I married secret happiness, it's because it's really a cheap brand. In fact, the friction candle costs only $18.90, and it can be used for countless kinds of friction and friction oils.
The price of this massage oil is $19.90, so it's a good price tag.
I put the information under the video in the comments, and I can answer any question you have at any time, whether it's a personal topic or an email, just like "you like it.". OK, goodbye.

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