How do I do a backend massage?

How do I do a backend massage?

How to do: Back Massage-The best techniques of a massage therapist

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Today we're going to show you a sequence of Back massage base : it is designed for couples and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

We now use a massage table, but any flexible and firm surface that you can use at home would certainly be very good, so we're going to start with what we call a figure eight. So we're going to start with what we call a figure eight.

I'm going to get a little bit of oil in my hands and we're going to start light, so we can make sure that we keep the oil in a uniform way and, as the oil expands in a uniform way, we will begin to strengthen our pressure and make sure we cover the whole area of the back.

As you can see, I'm making a figure. Eight movements are also visible here, because I move my body, not just my arms. So if you're on the ground and you're doing this massage, it's about making sure that you move your body through these movements and not just with the arms, let your body move from one side to the other a little now, when you decide to use a particular oil. And there are a lot of excellent massage oils on the market. You want to choose a good one.

You do not want a party to be too fat or to evaporate too quickly. Okay. Now that this area has warmed a little bit with our silhouette, eight, we're going to move on to our next slide, going up the back around the shoulder and down, it's a beautiful continuous movement. Again, I look at the weight of my body here in the back, I lean forward by moving my legs. Certainly, if you are on the ground, you want to do the same thing.

You don't just want to stretch your arms forward and stretch your back. Let your body move with your hand, make a movement and we'll make a nice slide. If you want to go a little further, we can even use our joints, which makes it possible to save a little our wrist and work the spine around the shoulder.

In the same way, if you use your joints, be careful about the bone markers that are at the back of the spine. The scapula, therefore, when you arrive at the scapula, be careful not to support these bony structures.

Very deeply, and after having made a deep slide, we're going to do what is called a kneading, which is a kneading, and we're going to need the muscles side by side along the spine here along the muscles of the spine.

Again, a lateral movement. Now, we've made a bit of kneading, we can sort of climb and what we'll need around the shoulders.

This is an excellent technique that allows us to maintain a large part of our tension, so we will enter the upper muscle of the shoulder. That's what we call the trapezoid muscle and we're just going to kneel a little, you can adjust the pressure according to their level of comfort.

Here it can be a little tricky for some people because we have a lot of attention here and then I like to come here and even use my other hand to help push my thumb in the fabric, which saves a little bit of time to not overrun the thumb, it's about using the right techniques and the good bodily mechanics from there. We can enter with the fingertips and use our fingers to create a nice circular motion around the same area of the body.

Again, I balance a little here, moving my body with my arms and hands, and I also change the parts of my body, the palms to the joints, the thumbs to the fingers.

We're not getting tired too much on a particular area, and from there, we're going to end with a nice slider shirt, we're going to come back and slide over the spine once again, with these long, fluid movements, and then, what you would do from there, it's doing exactly the same thing on the other side, and when we're done, what I like to do to finish, it's going to come back to the same technique that we started with this eight. So, once we've done the other side, we come back.

Make a beautiful figure. The technique of 8 only binds the whole. Let your partner know that we are about to close the massage and make a full circle.

Again, make long movements in the back by making figure 8, then, when you have finished, we can cover our customer, keep it warm and let him enjoy the experience he has just experienced with these techniques of massage.

Thus, as you can see, with the right techniques and the good mechanisms of fixation, you can perform a massage safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

This will allow your partner to feel good, but also not to impose unnecessary stress. It will be a very rewarding experience for both of you.

How do I do a backend massage? Thoracic region massage

This hand massage will be used for a message that will really relax?

You said this here today, but actually the contractions by concentrating the idea is really to get to touch both muscle and skin level. From the direction, the position of the muscles to relax the muscular masses that we will also have.

I'm going to show you a little fiery, the joint ramp to mobilize the vertebral joint seams, so you don't need to be a physiotherapist to be able to practice.

This kind of massage is good, because at some point we repeat it well. Trending the idea is always to respect what you have in your hands under the sides and their own body speaks. If you listen to them, you can say I need it. Can go out or where it is a reaction that this time I don't do it.

Ok, both to be very conscientious, always, alas, August so, therefore, ok, so the thoracic range that interests us of the hinge-dorsal hinge between series of ocean and will be suspended about here, where the lumbar, as we will be interested in the lumbar in a next video.

Just so that we will not hesitate to come to the top on the trapeze neighborhood, because these are the muscles that are really strong and will often be in contract here, so we will be interested in the rubbing of their best interests.

Finally, the icing, the basic technique, is always to start with something that will be light on the other surface, so we call to touch them to compile the contact with the person's body with precision to push that.

It's going to be in communication.

So let your creativity express itself, there really is no special two-way meaning: the idea is to go there in silence to really listen to what is happening and communicate with the person you are trying to massage with your silhouette, and then gradually the idea that, to finish on the technique, is that we are going to go deeper with procedures that will be more difficult.

Harder is not the word, but solid. I will say that we are really going to get together. We will come in deep to finish the massage with and floral say that we go from the surface to the depth and we return to the surface.

How do you characterize the severity? You say you have to feel the body, but there you take care of someone else's body.

So how? How do I know at what stage to support these six pieces again?

I strongly supported the muscles in the manuals. I'll have an answer in my hands. Maybe if I do propaganda too hard on the strong Emmanuel who will give me, the answer must come, it hurts.

But if I listen well, I can also feel that the muscle one by one -- how would I say a response -- a tension is so that I respect it. Everything is fine, I'm not asking for more than that and so I'm going to come en masse and the masses by alerting the bases there.

I spill over the trapezes, do not hesitate to mix the extended techniques and here certainly where we are and by pulling outwardly, and we can alternately alternately to alternate the power and watch us even mobilise almost a little shoulder we mobilise the chronometer aims.

We must not hesitate to force the movement that presents us to tighten up very deeply, and then we will go down. We move the muscle masses between the real between the indicator and the central finger by laterally.

Quite simply, very simply, and that's what I told you-we can also come with the palm, the other apple and come here. We support the vertebrae. You feel resilience, you don't have to go too far, we don't do it any harder. It's just in the sense of terro, posterior, langlaws, posteroanterior. From the rear forward.

We're going to come, including insignificant, the light of the sun is causing stress. So we are able to have adversity that will be lateral. We "come" with the palm on the side. The time on the climb managed was quite a bit of wind in fact, green, and we come to push in. The council is important to have something that will always be a symmetrical massage.

Do not leave a part of your silhouette that you are massing without the massage being completely discussed now, so we go there because there are contraindications specific to the practice. A type of massage on the people who suffer from the big contraindication is the syndrome. Inflammatory should not really be against.

Someone is in a stadium, an inflammatory cancer or even just with a high sensitivity in the nights or something unusual, unusual, very light, there's still I was going to say be. No one will know that it is, ok or not, precisely at high levels in the thoracic region.

We have the ribs, don't hesitate, extend them. We call this a combing from December to May between the inches between the surface even on the other side.

The plan is really to look for the little intercostal muscles that they're also. We'll take care of it, go back up, so don't hesitate to pick them up and again on the scapula, the fixatives and the tie-outs and its muscles. The super group upstream to conclude them both much more effective and to have a sense of relaxation.

It is a message that has to be played out for how long, so that for this there really is efficiency, which I think takes at least ten minutes. Ten minutes per hour because you still have to take the time to get into the subject in this massage to be ashamed of the concept in their lives.

It has been since we have been between the people who, who know each other without taking the time to want to please the other and to follow it and take care of it. And I think it's an excellent way to get in touch with massage practice, as seems to be the case. There is also a notion of communication.

The evidence is therefore here to finish the friction by something turning and the new schoolchildren do not hesitate to leave the digital hours on the creative then a question that we often ask about our places. Is it necessary to take cream and to take a particular product to improve the slippage to a neutral cream?

It can then be a neutral paste, a neutral lubricant. You are available to disappear, make sure of what we can do with the oils essential to the task. If there are currently discussions that are really beautiful people who work super well, there have been some who give you products that help and relax, which is docile to communication.

That's what all the "had" could say by brewing. We will specify this video of the products below. Maybe they can be useful to accompany this Emmanuel.

The perfect massage was nice, oh yes, terribly, terribly, excessively soft. In knowledge of the cause, there is no pain in the agreement in the way muscles are extended sustained.

Is it something you think you can reproduce on someone? It's not very difficult. He has dedicated his thanks and then we meet very quickly.

Thank you for your attention!

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