How do I get a head massage?

How do I get a head massage?

Cranial massage workshop in minutes

Hi! I propose you to follow a massage workshop of the head now.

This cranial massage workshop lasts about 10 minutes and allows you to relax and unwind in depth. Then all the head massage is done with hands in symmetry.

To begin with, you will put your hands in flight because the head gently on the side and position them on the occipital art area, the human skull.

On this side. It is on the other side and you mold slowly and slowly this area here. This already makes a step backwards well yesterday, but position it like this on the entire surface of the skull.

This part well in the support on the skull you make a circle in the direction of the hands of a front in the back, especially the skull and is still in symmetry here.

 How do I think about a good massage?

How do I get a head massage?

You will then position your thumbs on the top point of the skull, the 20 vehicles, a very important point for energy.

You are slowly massing, making circular movements in the direction of the needles of a watch like this. Then you take your two thumbs and you massage five points up to the base of the hair.

Then you take your eight fingers and you want to position yourself on the forehead. You gently press these areas when defects and desired for trains.

Take your index finger and lean carefully and the dance shows us the point in the middle of the two versions: 3 and the ear to take your.

He must and wanted to position himself in this violence and you gently press you. Then he gently returns you with a slightly stronger hammock with the thumb to point the best year on the chin.

Then you put your hands on the trapeze and you are ashamed. 3.

We send you the sorting-gun to increase you, pass this last and very well done, be careful to have the head supported on your hand, and you start Champigny the head.

Then you take your thumb and you work behind the ear, a small pile and then three years to position the head and you do the same on the other side, then you mold all your head.

You are going to sing the skull of a new site, you put my prayer and, yes, it will then smooth the hair and you will take the hair of your mass and if it has long hair wants to turn-and you shoot all this while on the point is-That I showed you at the beginning of the point of jock above the pancakes your massage is finished!

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