How to do hot stone massage?

How to do hot stone massage?

How do you massage your back with a hot stone?

A baby picking up stones with a spoon

Tips: hot stone back massage

Today, I'm going to show you how to rub a hot stone before you start.

I'll give you some advice, starting with checking the ambient temperature, to promote relaxation. I suggest you make her 25. These measures are perfect for the person you want to massage and relax.

Can you put a bottle of oil in hot water to make it more comfortable? The third trick is to put a small towel?

If you have a home in hot water, so when you tilt it to a high level back, as I'm going to show you, you're more receptive in the beginning, and you've done some small popular strategies.

For this reason, the person you massage seems to be just beginning. Ready. Good. That's how you define their aging.

Then you'll find your back massaging. We guarantee that you need body lubricant, not massage oil. We'll put it on the whole back and arms because it helps with good digestion.

When you play, this friction is not. You need to remove more at the high level of the side so that you can keep in touch with the person you've massaged because it makes you feel better.

We have to make terrible progress, especially, very firm, very suitable for you, my sixth, very comfortable person, so lisson does well so that this person can relax as much as possible.

Maybe it's a muscle, so it's a big thing on both sides of the spine, so we start from the sacrum and use a lot of pressure to climb up to the shoulder. In order to relax the muscle, we can use this small kneading action to move to both sides, and then wrap it tightly to the bottom.

The simplest strategy is to use your thumb to turn up, so you can keep turning your head up, it will touch you, you can push your shoulder, you always go back to the back of the cervix, Because it feels good to massage the lower back until the wound is likely to be massaged around, but in this flat spray, so the thumb is there, Edward hugs everyone, we can also work with this kind of phalanx, and it's very suitable for my envelope.

Well, let's go. It's the bar, of course. We'll do the main details for the pint of gravel. Make sure someone forgets any part before starting the massage.

You can ask anyone if they like it, or rather, nourishing massage, when we change and stress changes.

So, if someone wants a very gentle massage, that's fine. Some small, unpopular touch. If it's very energetic, we'll try to press it hard. When we want to sell more pressure, we can stand up, we can also work with our arms, So it's going to be a very strong massage for those who need to be very careful.

We walked anxiously to our shoulders. We lower the pressure so we don't forget the arms, so we're going to do some warm-up exercises, we can gently pull, and then we're at the palm level.

We are going to work on two bumps, so in the specific area with the fullest side, if you think this person is still a little nervous, please do not hesitate to let him take three deep breaths, one hand in the water, one hand behind his back, one hand pressing down, one hand rubbing the hot stone on his back, We always start with a manual responsibility, because I have a little walk and then the burning stone.

So we didn't give up contact with our customers until we put the stone in the burning stone bucket. We always prevent one hand from touching the customer, and then we check that they stick well to the surface of the skin because they are very warm.

In order not to burn the client and to keep him going, we avoided going through this area at the beginning, because this is a feeling arena. We can burn the edge of the stone after you deal with it, So, it's always like this, in muscle, we drop a little bit, and then we can put some of the stones down. So the area we're going to focus on in particular will be the ladder diagram of these issues.

Usually we have the biggest opposition in this area, so we will stick to the pear art and put little pressure on the edge to complete.

We can put the stone on our back like this or that for a few minutes. This is in the palm of the glove, and the last thing I suggest is, if the hot towel is red, then at the high level of the upper back and lower back, we can come, Again, get rid of the excess and lose efficacy immediately, and now you have all the suggestions to promote massage and relax as much as possible.

How to prepare for lady's hot stone massage?

Health massage (hot stone)

Our massage is also a hot stone, Massage StoneVolcanic rocks are heated in a large basin, and the advantage of using them is that they are formed when they cool and then converted into eastern magma. He left some stones.

These stones are smooth, so they are uneven and have no surface problems. They slide through the skin in this place. The diffuser is heated for a long time during the massage process, which is very light. There are about 30 stones. Each stone is placed in a specific position of the MAS body, and most of the time is covered with a towel, just to preserve them, This is Osho stone, so the heat diffusion becomes slower and deeper.

For those lucky enough to receive an hour and a half massage, the friction will last for one to one and a half hours. We can add a semi gem position to the chakra, a gem between gems.

We have the red cake, we have the eyes of the team. We also have rock crystal Dalai. Adding these semi precious stones to one's feet helps to stimulate one's vitality; Here, it's at the chakra level, standardizing them into a whole new channel.

This time, these stones were massaged in the first place, and we started to refuel. We let him ride generously on people on weekdays, which would be eight very hot cocoa. He did everything with stones in advance. Stone gradually warming up a big step.

They are volcanic rocks from Cordillera in the world. You can put your limbs in the back to satisfy the m-phone. That's why he's here.

The sum of our roles, the ability of these basalt stones to heat and retain heat, is very important for you to do this, whether it's during massage or when you keep heat all the time, they are very hot in a high level of real thermal transformation. They will be posted on UNIQLO's personal channel.

The delicious game is hot red. Good. Come on, I'm sure it's started. It's too hot. It's a little uncomfortable. It's done very quickly. In fact, this is my dear sir. If, of course, it's trapezoidal, it's usually the big heart, the tension between the shoulder blades, the spine of the lower back 38 is hidden, tight and loose, and its muscles are busy tingling when we put it on the leg, It's always more expensive - it's in danger. They're kidding. This time he passed the ball again.

The two stones on both sides of the body joined together, the chest returned to the shoulder blades, and now crossed again, relaxing the hen's muscles and lifting her hands again. The stone was tied up. Help him write it down this time, but the sparkle stone is on my dog's neck. We walked slowly and peacefully. For many of us, his muscle soreness is very hot. When it spreads, he will put the back of his ear flat on his ear. He is often sensitive and nervous. Father Pierre may send his heat to school.

A special work is going on about Democrats, always to relax on stones, which is different. CSS styles are slightly smaller, which will allow us to drag them now. The rest of the massage is done by placing a stone on the cold beach. He is a stubborn man. Not much green.

We need to make sure that the stone spreads to the head as long as possible. It's a message that lasts from an hour to an hour and a half on average, depending on individual needs and the person who completes it in an hour and a half? They are lucky to have semi precious stones in some parts of their own bodies. Where are you from? Are there chakras here?

Is a semi precious stone a precious stone? They are.

I want to use a small bag to show the crystal rock shooting here. I'm here with three other people. Listen, I'll let you find out on your next stay.

There are other massages, and I repeat "there's" shirodhara on their website, after 20 minutes of neck or shoulder head rub.

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