How to do a good massage to reduce eye circles?

How to do a good massage to reduce eye circles?

How to remove eye circles?

Good morning, I'll tell you about Philips flower, I'm a beautiful blogger, and we'll see how massage can reduce this tightness and activate flow.

The blood around the eyes circulates the chest better. As a result, decongested, rejuvenated tissues and pockets are separated to activate blood circulation.

Massage is very important, but before you arrive, especially when you have to pass under the eyes with very thin scalp and very fragile fiber, two things are essential to keep kissing.

The first is to strengthen his blood cap to prevent it from rupturing and allow the blood to spread suddenly, which will cause discoloration under the eyes and even darker in extreme applications.

First of all, you have to rehydrate the eyes of the whole province. For very thin parts of the surface, it is best to use ordinary daily cream to moisten the leaves. Please note that these measures are always welcome, because physical prevention is always much easier than taking medicine, even as a preventive measure.

Use perfect anti eye oil to bring light to your eyes.

So we will do a very simple little action on the way home, we will try to do it every day, which is not boring at all. We start from Heated eye contour On my side, I do this on the middle three legs, it's hot, we'll apply your heart contour, always starting from the inner corner.

You have to squeeze out. We will pat and press to make the wrinkles disappear, and then apply them inward and outward without worrying about the contour of the eyes. It's better to apply them on the face twice a year sooner or later.

It could be the market. If not, it's that once we exceed the salt of prevention, then we have to really focus on activating the blood circulation to activate the tongue. As for preventive massage, we will make full use of its attention profile in the massage process.

That is, it makes the skin less affected, smoother, and more fluid to change. Otherwise, we might create small penalty commands by attacking the front skin.

Let's pose and watch ourselves soak in cream around the beautiful tone, holding the tested queen in her thinnest place. Personally, I start rubbing and pressing with my ring finger. You can smell the lymph glands.

We always start an activity outside and inside the room, so we don't repeat it five times in a row with the drunk's teeth, and then, about 100 times, we hit the whole circle five to 10 times with all his fingers.

Notice the left and right sides. The pressure on each finger is about 30 grams. Therefore, also do not press the valve to avoid the same pressure.

We are gradually moving towards the synagogues, and we continue with small gestures for five consecutive times. The churches have procreated two or three circles, and we will move immediately behind the ears. In order for you to feel the sensations of gunpowder, we are going to save ourselves from making small turns and we are doing two or three things: it's all without even knowing that you have only stimulated your lymph glands and thus significantly activate your blood flow once the donkey Kong.

We have reduced these three points to nothing. We will return by striking by undulating around the eye and making small circles at the halo level. This excerpt. It is important to do so every day, at least once he does not take the time to do so in front of the television.

We don't need to look at ourselves to make love, but it is really in the long run that it will be effective and I recommend to everyone the following.

That is all. You can now massage your eyes. Don't forget plant protection

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