Bitcoin: the dazzling revolution of crypto-currency in 2021

Bitcoin: Firing revolution of crypto-currency in 2021

A revolution was born in the global economic system and this revolution is called crypto currency. Detailed on departures, it took only a few years for Cryptos to begin by winning and adopted in several financial transactions. The first of them to have convinced the whole world, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, definition and basics of use

Charlie Shrem, an American, is considered the first millionaire of Bitcoin. In 2011, still a student at the Brooklyn College in the United States, he bought 500 bitcoins during $ 3 and when the course reached $ 20, he bought thousands of Bitcoin. It has a fortune estimated at $ 45 million today.

In 2009 a Norwegian student Kristoffer Koch bought 5,000 Bitcoins just 18 euros against his girlfriend's opinion. In 2013 when Bitcoin exceeded the value of $ 1,000, its investment was worth 615,000 euros. He sold a part of his Bitcoins to buy a beautiful villa Dà Toyen, an upscale neighborhood of Oslo.

Some experts predict that the Bitcoin course could reach several thousand dollars by 2020 since its monetary mass is limited.

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The Bitcoin also abbreviated BTC is a cryptographic currency or more simply a cryptomonnaie. It is more precisely of a pair-to-peer payment system created by an individual or a group of people. The crypto to its creation suffered from a few challenges like the G20 which considers it as an "crypto-active" that can not play the role of a currency. However, Bitcoin is accepted today by many users as well as several economic systems around the world. It does not really need to understand all the technical details before starting with Bitcoin. As soon as you have a Bitcoin portfolio installed on your mobile phone or computer, you benefit from a Bitcoin address for transactions. It only remains to communicate this address to anyone who can make transactions with you.

Blockchain or block chain

The block chain is one of the key elements of bitcoin operation. It represents indeed the big public accounting book and shared Bitcoin. It is on the blockchain that the whole network of Bitcoin rests. It includes the different confirmed transactions of Bitcoin performed. It is a kind of bank statement specific to the BTC and retracing new transactions and to know the balances of the portfolios. It is a reliable element of the system of cryptomonnaie especially as it is by cryptographic means that are ensured the chronological order and the integrity of the block chain. The Blockchain guarantees the safety and reliability of transactions made with bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions

The BTC transaction is nothing but the transfer of value between different Bitcoin portfolios. It is usually included in the block chain. Each transaction is numerically signed by means of a private key so seed. It is a secret information kept within the BTC portfolios. It is the mathematical proof of the origin of a Bitcoin portfolio owner. The signature is also useful for avoiding the falsification of transactions once they are issued. The transactions made are in principle disseminated between users and are confirmed by the network generally 10 minutes after a process named mining. Everything is set up to trust Bitcoin users.

BTC mining

The mining is defined as a distributed consensus system. It confirms, inserting in the blockchain, the different on hold transactions. The mining plays many roles in the Bitcoin system. Among other things, it offers protection of network neutrality while imposing a chronological order in the block chain. It also allows multiple users to agree on the system status. Transactions submitted to confirmation must make a subject block from strict cryptographic rules and verified by the network.

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