Family treatment of daily diseases.


Family treatment of daily diseases. Natural house repair of kidney stone



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American Indian herbs: the power of healing. twenty

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The mania of today's world now dominates the way we work. For many people, 24 hours a day is not enough.

It is not surprising, therefore, that small waves are often the logical result of persistent stress, harmful diet and exposure to increasingly polluted environments.

In order to alleviate the pain and suffering, we have found a solution to go to the local drugstore to buy medicine, which will help relieve the pain and, most importantly, return to this boiling world.

In this case, no one would think of the idea of alleviating pain by natural means.

In this way, the world is formatted, and solutions can be found immediately for every situation, just like in a production line that adjusts operations mechanically.

Type: mal = > pharmacy = > drug = > remission

It's kind of "robotic.".

However, there are many other options, some of which are natural solutions, and for some people, these solutions come from the darkness of time.

They have many advantages, but they are no longer adapted to this long and turbulent world.

In the past, rural doctors were as scarce as they are now, and farmers believed that nature could cure their diseases.

When drugs become cheaper, all this becomes an outdated form.

In addition, there are a variety of products that can treat the same disease, which inevitably leads to excessive consumption, which should be the exception.

So in France, each Frenchman consumes an average of 48 boxes of drugs a year.

The national estimate is 31.2 billion boxes of drugs a year.

Great, isn't it?

Therefore, the purpose of these articles is to let you discover or rediscover some commonly used drugs to alleviate diseases that do not need poisoning. These drugs are as effective as drugs, with less risk and side effects of addiction.

Not to mention the price, because for many natural solutions, nature is open to you and provides you with everything you need for effective and natural treatment.

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There are now 10 ways to treat everyday diseases at home.

"Find solutions to everyday problems."

Have a good time reading!


How to avoid calculation bile ?

Most likely to suffer gallstone Women are:

  • Taking hormonal drugs
  • High fat diet
  • 40 and above
  • diabetic
  • Obesity
  • pregnant woman


  • Genetic factors
  • food
  • life style

Some foods can aggravate the gallbladder, including:

  • egg
  • Refined sugar
  • Food rich in saturated fat

Instead of getting rid of gallstones, it may be best to avoid gallstone formation.

None of the methods you're going to be exposed to are scientifically recognized.

But because everyone is unique, the treatment is likely to work only for one person and not for another.

These solutions can help you clear the gallbladder, thereby reducing the possibility of stones.

People with high cholesterol are prone to gallstones.

Gallstones may not be bigger than a grain of salt.

Healthy diet

Choose healthy food for 4-6 weeks. Over processing of industrial products is prohibited.

Consume enough fiber to optimize your digestion and bowel function.

That means you have to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, beyond the famous "five a day.".

Ideally, you should eat about 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, with a larger proportion of vegetables.

apple vinegar

Use two teaspoons of vinegar and 25 ml of water every day to clean your gallbladder and prevent gallstones.


Artichoke stimulates bile production and is good for the liver.

European herbs

Eucommia ulmoides Oliv is a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of gallstones.

It is recommended to take some herbal medicine from ECU before clearing gallstones to soften them.


Acupuncture can help relieve some of the pain caused by gallstones in the following ways:

  • Reduce convulsions
  • Promote bile flow
  • Enhancements

Weight management

Obesity increases the risk of gallstones.

Weight loss is very important to prevent gallstones, but dieting is also very important.

Low calorie diet can increase the formation of gallstones.

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Home therapy for toothache


Clove is one of the most famous "homemade" toothache therapies.

To relieve the pain of mild toothache, chew two cloves on the affected teeth.

If chewing is too painful and stings, you can use clove oil.

Mix 3 drops of clove oil with 1 / 4 teaspoon olive oil.

Soak cotton balls or gauze pads in this mixture to rub painful teeth.

Then, bite the affected teeth. You should feel better in 10 minutes.


Salt is a very effective treatment

  • toothache
  • Gingival infection
  • Oral ulcer( Especially when bacteria are at the root of the problem.)

Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a small cup of warm water (at body temperature).

Take a sip and turn around your mouth, if possible, through the space between your teeth.

Don't swallow. All you have to do is spit, then take another sip, and repeat.

When you finish your drink, your pain should be greatly reduced. If evil comes back, just repeat.

As a precautionary measure, it is best to do so within a few days after each meal.

This will help remove all bacteria that may form around oral food particles and prevent the problem from recurring.

If you have salt crystals, you can also take one or two and press them with your tongue in the painful place until they dissolve.

Tea tree oil

Camellia oil is a natural preservative that can be used to relieve toothache, just like clove oil.

You can also drop a few drops in a small glass of water and spin around your mouth before spitting.


Ice can numb pain and reduce inflammation in the mouth.

Put ice on your sore teeth in your mouth, or wrap a bag of ice in linen, or use a bag of frozen products, and when you feel pain, put it on your cheek.

Lower the head

Put your head between your knees, just as you feel uncomfortable, increasing the flow of blood to your head.

Combined with other methods, this will enhance the body's ability to resist infection.

If home treatment for toothache does not solve your problem, consult your dentist or doctor.

Home hangover therapy

It might have been a good idea for you to have the last drink last night, but this morning, you were confused and tried to let the hangover go.

The good news is that you don't have to go far. Here are some ways you might be eager to test.

The answer is to drink, but don't drink! In fact, alcohol can deplete your body's water supply, leading to dehydration.

This can also lead to hangover symptoms, so you need to drink water to replenish your body.

Be careful not to drink too much water too fast. A lot of water can remove electrolytes from the body. So don't drink more than half a liter an hour.

Sports drinks are one of the best ways to make you stand out. They increase your blood sugar, replenish water, and provide you with the necessary electrolytes (potassium, sodium, etc.) that you lose during kidney clearance.

If you don't like these drinks, drink water and eat bananas with potassium and fructose.

You can also put some bananas and some water or milk in the blender to prepare the banana smoothie.

If you don't have bananas, you can use apples or other sweet fruits, but don't use citrus fruits. You can even use ordinary honey to dissolve in water.

Honey also contains electrolytes. The less honey you have, the better.

Chamomile is a well-known headache medicine, which can replace aspirin or other chemical painkillers.

Raw persimmons and raw cabbage also help relieve headaches.

Aspirin can damage the gastric mucosa. Therefore, this is not the best solution for the already suffering digestive system.

If you feel capable, do some exercise. This will help detoxify your circulatory system.

If you have a chance, walk for half an hour as soon as possible.

Here are some tips you can make before you drink in order not to experience those painful tomorrows.

Drink water to prevent dehydration. The best rule is to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, but if not, drink a large glass or two before going to bed.

Buy bifid powder. It is a kind of bacteria that can detoxify acetaldehyde, which is a by-product of alcohol and the main cause of hangover.

Putting a teaspoon of water in a large glass of water before going to bed can help you wake up without a hangover.

Foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids can reduce the effects of alcohol.

American Indian tradition is that eating six raw almonds before drinking can prevent you from getting drunk.

African tradition recommends peanut butter. Evening primrose oil is another option, especially for women.

Take all these things away before you start drinking so you don't go hunting.


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Home therapy for mosquito bites

The best natural remedies for mosquito bites are those that prevent small insects from biting you.

But if it's too late, there are still some small things to try.

A mosquito bite is not like a wasp or bee bite. It's a poison injection. Mosquitoes just want to draw your blood out.

Only female mosquitoes bite.

To prevent clotting and easy blood sucking, mosquitoes secrete a protein that causes more or less allergic reactions, depending on people.

You may already know people who complain about being stabbed often, while others get away with it.

The fact is, some people don't have allergies, so they don't know they were bitten.

Here are some ways to protect you from insects that not only sting you, but often keep you awake.


Use ice to relieve inflammation and temporarily numb the area.

Ice also limits blood flow, thereby reducing allergic reactions.

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Most commercial antiperspirants contain vasoconstrictors, such as ice, that limit blood flow in the area.

In addition, aluminum in antiperspirants helps to treat bites. If you keep scratching yourself, don't use it.


Press the nail firmly on the bite mark until the mark is left.

Then do the same thing from another angle and form a cross. This should stop itching for a while.


Some people suggest putting toothpaste on the bite. Fluoride is said to reduce allergic reactions. If you are desperate, why not try!

I got you

There is evidence that if you open the bite and let it bleed, some allergens may be expelled from the blood.

However, bites can be infectious, so it is not recommended to do so intentionally.

The good news is that the itching from a bite lasts only 24 to 48 hours.

To protect yourself, you can also use camphor containing antipruritic cream in the future and use it when bitten.

Camphor can stop itching, if used early, it can even prevent the growth of itching.

This makes camphor one of the best home remedies for mosquito bites.

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"Home" hairdressing

There are some good "homemade" ways to whiten your hair, so you don't need to buy hair dye in the supermarket.


The best, purest and most natural way to get true golden reflection is in the sun.

Lie on your stomach, cover your skin with clothes, and stretch out your hair to absorb the sun.

Women with blonde to semi brown hair will find that their hair is always brighter in summer.


Swimming in a pool or in the sea and then letting your hair dry in the sun is a good way to lighten them. It's also a good exercise!

However, some of us live in a sunny climate for a few months of the year. So what do we do?

hydrogen peroxide

Mix a small amount of domestic ammonia with hydrogen peroxide in equal amount.

Be careful, it will smell terrible! Test on a small piece of skin near the ear and wait 24 hours to see if there is an allergic reaction.

Otherwise, mix and apply to the hair. Act and flush as you please.

Do not use household bleach or any other chlorine based products on your hair. It can damage your hair, cause terrible damage to your skin, and eventually lead to serious poisoning.

lemon juice

Squeeze out a fresh lemon. This produces about 2 tablespoons of juice.

Mix with 3 times the amount of water and apply to dry hair. Let it work for a few hours before flushing.

By doing this every day, the hair should become lighter in a very natural way.

If your hair is long, you may want to use more lemon juice / water mixture. If your hair is short, you may want to use less lemon juice / water mixture.


Ordinary tea brightens brown hair - it sounds crazy in color, but it's true! Adjust the tea to normal concentration, let it cool, and then rinse the hair.

It's better to test it first, and then use tea on the whole head. If your hair has lightened, they may turn black.

There are ways to make your hair quite dry.

So be sure to use a good blonde Revitalizer. Shampoo and conditioner with chamomile are perfect for blonde hair.


Native American herbs: the power of healing

American Indian herbal traditions are often ignored and replaced by Chinese or Ayurvedic traditions.

It's a shame when all the herbs used by Aboriginal therapists grow in the wild.

Instead of planting them in our garden, you spend dozens of euros on products that nature provides for free.

Traditionally, the healing power of herbal medicine has been thought to depend partly on plants, partly on therapists and partly on patients' beliefs.

Today, traditional western medicine makes us believe that all the power lies in doctors and drugs.

It's a serious mistake that we don't take any responsibility for our own illness or cure.

We become passive, relying only on doctors and drugs to cure ourselves.

Although some plants have obvious medical effects, our attitude towards the use of drugs also has great power.

It's important to believe that treatment will help you, just as there is a genuine desire to treat.

The power of herbal medicine used by Indians has been strengthened because they believe that the spiritual power of therapists is almost magical.

The therapist or Shaman is chosen according to his original status and talent in society.

There is usually a family connection with medicine and tribal religion.

People may think that blind trust in modern doctors will have the same effect, but it is not because of the lack of spiritual dimension.

Medicine is regarded as a mental and physical problem, and many rituals are performed by both therapists and patients or their families.

One of the main effects of the rituals held by the therapist is to increase his awareness and attention so that even without any laboratory tests conducted today, he can correctly diagnose the problem and see the best treatment - not only for the disease, but also for the individual.

Rituals for patients will purify the body and mind, prepare them to make the best use of drugs when taking them.

Today, the spiritual aspect of herbal medicine is completely ignored.

We take herbs in the same way that we take chemicals, assuming that the substance has all the power that we don't have.

In fact, many alternative doctors and practitioners now agree that it is the patient who is cured, not the cure.

An old saying goes, "the doctor bandages the wound and God heals it."

The body's ability to heal itself, known as homeostasis, is the basis of any recovery. Its role is to remove toxins and fight disease through antibodies.

All the drugs do is help the process and remove barriers to recovery.

If we can deviate from the western mainstream view that the body and spirit are two different things, then the importance of the spiritual aspect to cure becomes very clear.

In the process of rehabilitation, the mental state of the patient is as important as the physical state.

That doesn't mean we have to perform tribal dances or complex rituals.

We can replace them with other spiritual practices, including meditation and prayer.

But studying the spiritual aspects of Amerindian herbal medicine can help us change direction and realize that in a sense, we still need to take care of ourselves.

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Natural "family" therapy for fibroma

Although there is no guaranteed natural treatment for uterine fibroids, there are some treatments that can help reduce the size of uterine fibroids, or at least prevent their further development, and reduce the massive bleeding usually associated with uterine fibroids.

Fibroma is a common non cancerous tumor in the uterus, which is very common in women of childbearing age.

About 25% of white women and 50% of black women do. Some women may not know, but in other cases they may reach the waist, causing pain and severe abdominal swelling.

Swelling can make a woman look pregnant. She often has very heavy and painful periods.

Fibromas can also cause pain, such as during sexual intercourse. They may also interfere with pregnancy, make the first pregnancy difficult, or cause miscarriage, premature birth, or bleeding during pregnancy.

If pressure is applied to the bladder, it can cause urinary incontinence and pain.

We think the cause of fibroma is hormones. They almost always decrease or disappear after menopause unless women receive hormone replacement therapy.

Genetics may also play a role in the growth of these uteruses.

If necessary, the standard of care is surgery. In the past, the only option was hysterectomy, a complete removal of the uterus.

Now, in many cases, it is possible to perform so-called myomectomy, in which only the fibroma is removed.

If you succeed, it means you can still have children. The recommended procedure will depend on the size and number of growths.

If you don't need surgery or decide not to, you can look for a natural therapy to help treat the symptoms.

Doctors often recommend contraceptives, but not all women want to take them. You may want to try the following "family" therapies, which some women find useful.

If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor first.

apple vinegar

Vinegar can reduce fibroma. In many cases, this will definitely reduce discomfort and won't hurt you unless you have reason not to be jealous.

If you're overweight, you may find that it helps you lose weight with additional benefits. Take a spoonful three times a day.


Some women suggest using molasses to reduce the size of fibromas. The usual dose is a spoonful three times a day.

Molasses is rich in calories, iron and copper. It's important to monitor your consumption, because too much can lead to other problems.

Molasses also contains sulfur, which can make blood flow, thus increasing menstrual bleeding in some women.

Herbal medicine

Some herbs may help in some cases. Herbs that balance hormones, such as spruce, pepper or Senecio, are recommended.

Do not take blue or black acet that may increase symptoms.

If you want to try herbal medicine, the best solution is to consult a qualified and experienced herbal expert who will study the different possibilities and monitor the results of the proposed natural herbal treatment for fibroma.


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Natural "home" hair regeneration therapy

Natural hair regeneration therapy can avoid some complications of transplantation and other processes.

Hair loss is something that happens to most men and women, but in some cases, it can be prevented, slowed down or even reversed.

Although transplanting is the fastest way to replace lost hair, it has some drawbacks.

First of all, they don't stop losing their hair. So, for example, a man with a bald spot on the crown of a tree, if he received a transplant, is likely to form a bald area around the transplant site, because hair loss can spread.

Another major drawback is that unless you are treated with a series of treatments, people may notice that your hair is suddenly getting too much.

They may think it's a wig, a wig or a wig.

You can also be the object of ridicule and sarcasm, but if it makes you marble, why not.

There are different forms of natural hair loss therapy, and the best effect may come from the combination of multiple therapies.


When hair loss is temporary or not serious, massaging the scalp can stimulate hair growth and help prevent further hair loss.

Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips for about 3 minutes every day.

Be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails or damage growing hair.

Jojoba oil massage will provide the scalp with vitamins B and E, as well as many minerals to activate the hair.

Jojoba oil is especially effective if you have skin problems such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis or oily hair.

One Chinese massage that is thought to stimulate hair follicles is to pat the scalp with the fingers of both hands.

Starting in the middle of the back of the head, tap about 20 times, then slowly move the tap up and out around the ears.

Then start from the back, a little higher than when you first tried. Repeat until the entire scalp is covered and ends at the front end.

Nutrition and vitamins

Hair needs a full balance of vitamins and minerals for healthy development.

Most of us don't get everything we need from our diet.

Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to about 10 servings a day will greatly help make up for any deficiency.

Ensure adequate intake of these nutrients, including:

  • vitamin A
  • All B vitamins, especially B6 and B12
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • zinc
  • iron
  • copper
  • iodine
  • Essential fatty acids

If you don't have any of these nutrients in your diet, you can look for more (the best choice) foods, or take supplements other than vitamin A, which must always be provided from your food.

The best food sources of vitamin A are orange and red vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, red peppers, or dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach.

Men should pay special attention to zinc content in diet, because zinc is very important for prostate. Enough food is essential, but too much can cause problems.

Herbal therapy

Men may find Florida palm capsules useful in treating hair loss.

This is thought to have an effect on the prostate, which is associated with typical male baldness.

Be careful not to take too much because if there is too little androgen that causes hair loss, breast tissue may grow.

Florida palm is also helpful for some women, but should not be taken with hormonal therapy, oral contraceptives or any other hormonal drug.

relieve the pressure

Stress can lead to hair loss, so anything you can do to relieve stress or anxiety in your life can have a beneficial effect on your hair.

Try meditating or practicing relaxation techniques for 10 minutes every morning, preferably after exercise.

Regular exercise can reduce stress and create healthier skin and scalp.

These solutions may contribute to male baldness and female age-related hair loss.

They are not health treatments or treatments. If your hair loss is related to health problems, drugs or unexplained reasons, it's better not to rely on natural therapies to let your hair grow; So you should see a doctor.

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Natural "home" therapy for kidney stones

If you have severe pain caused by kidney stones, and your doctor suggests that you wait to see if the stones will disappear on their own, then you will certainly benefit from finding natural treatments for kidney stones.

Kidney stones are formed by minerals that the body does not convert from the kidney system. Most of them are calcium oxalate.

Ten percent of the population has kidney stones, but men are four times more likely to have them than women.

They tend to breed, so once you have one, you have a 75% chance of having more in the next 20 years.

Kidney stones can occur without you knowing, because many of them disappear at a very young age.

You may have difficulty urinating, but you may not notice that you have successfully passed something that can be as small as sand.

Larger stones can clog the urethra, which is the cause of the pain. You can also see blood in your urine.

This is because the uneven stone surface damaged the organ wall. If you have pus or pain during urination, you should tell your doctor, as it may be a sign of infection.

Even if the stone is big enough to cause pain, most stones pass naturally. You can take action to make it happen or faster.

Natural treatment of renal calculi

The best treatment is to drink plenty of water. The target is 2-3 liters per day.

Eating more soup, fresh fruit and raw vegetables is another way to increase water consumption, because they contain more water than dry food and dry food.

However, care should be taken to avoid excessive consumption of oxalate, which contributes to the formation of the most common stone types.

Foods rich in oxalate to avoid include chocolate, peanuts, rhubarb, spinach, beets and sweet potatoes.

In addition, reduce dehydrating salts and alcohol, as well as meat and dairy products that cause uric acid formation in the kidneys.

Some people take diuretics to increase the flow of water to their kidneys. Some teas have diuretic effects, such as dandelion and nettle.

Using one cup of tea instead of two cups of water can help the stone pass faster. You don't need a prescription diuretic unless you have other medical reasons.

You should filter your urine to catch the stone as it passes.

Your doctor can analyze what minerals it is made of. This will tell you how to change your diet in the future and give you the best chance to avoid recurrence.

For most people, a low protein, low salt diet is recommended.

Don't take large doses of vitamins and minerals until your stones or urine are analyzed.

Due to the risk of infection and complications, doctors should always be involved in the treatment of kidney stones. Natural drugs for kidney stones can only be used with medical advice.

Provide some suggestions and solutions for your family treatment. prevent to be bit by mosquito. Everyday language of home and massage guide therapy, through ineck technology, automatic massage equipment and the secrets of the grandmother massage work

Grandma's secret is working!

Since the advent of medicine, the old "family" therapies have been notorious, but some of them are as effective as modern drugs.

They even found a way out of many of the products we bought from pharmacies.

If you can find capsules for free in the garden, pick them in the wild, or buy them for a few cents in the supermarket, why spend more money on the things in the capsules?


Ginger can be used for nausea and heartburn. Take a small piece of ginger to relieve your discomfort.

You can also make ginger tea by soaking a piece of ginger in almost boiling water.

Let it soak and drink hot. If necessary, add honey.

Ginger tea with or without honey also helps relieve cold symptoms.

Treating febrile rash with "self made"

Fever and other types of herpes respond well to anything that is astringent.

Lemon is one of the best natural medicine.

If you can, put a slice of lemon in the itchy area.

You'll soon find that the itching stops and the wound doesn't appear.

Regular replacement of lemon slices, and constantly enjoy the soothing effect of lemon.

If you have acne on your face, fill a small bottle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and spray it every hour.

You can use apple vinegar in perfume bottles in the same way.

Note that this must be done before the blister penetrates. Do not use lemon juice or vinegar directly on open wounds.

If your fever has started, try drinking lemon juice and a glass of warm water four times a day before meals.

As a precaution, you can do it once a day - preferably in the morning.

Constipation fruit and fiber

There are many reasons for constipation, but the most common reasons are lack of fiber in diet, lack of exercise and some drugs.

Dried fruit is a classic traditional medicine for treating constipation. Daily consumption:

  • A bowl of figs,
  • Plum,
  • date
  • Raisins

Your regularity should be solved in a few days.

Before eating fruit, be sure to soak in warm water for 2-3 hours.

You can cook it if you like. Drink juice and eat fruit with water.

For quick relief, take 2-4 teaspoons of castor oil. This is another well-known treatment for constipation.

To prevent this from happening again, eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, preferably 10 servings.

Choose whole wheat bread, or at least grey bread, brown rice instead of white, and drink lots of water.

Sometimes, only dehydration is at the root of the problem.

Drink a large glass of warm water before breakfast, constipation will disappear after two or three days.

You can also drink lactic acid fermented sauerkraut juice. In addition to promoting intestinal transport, pickled cabbage juice is also a probiotic, which is your intestinal ally.

The old "family" therapy can help treat a wide range of common diseases, but if the problem persists, be sure to consult your doctor.

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